All the innovations of the iPhone X

The developers of each next generation of smartphones argue that it is the best of all ever released. The creators of the iPhone X.

in the new smartphone iPhone x there are a lot of functionality, before unprecedented In the iPhone lineup. In a variety of articles and news regarding advantages , iPhone X is easily lost. So that this does not happen, let's decompose all the new items on the shelves.

1. Glass and metal

Theoretically in the iPhone X the creators return to the origins. Like the iPhone 4, the novelty is completely wrapped in a glass that fastens a frame of stainless steel. This similarity ends. Glass contains seven layers, thanks to which a variety of color options are obtained. Also, the glass was strengthened using the internal structure of steel and copper. Developers argue that this is the most durable glass in the composition of any smartphone. Surely there will be a lot of those who want to check this device worth $ 999 for durability in dignum tests.

2. Screen from edge to edge

The ratio of the area of ​​the screen to the area of ​​the housing is high, 81.23% As a result, the iPhone X has a cramless screen along with Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, Essential Phone or Rare Xiaomi MI MIX 2. Despite the larger diagonal of the 5.8 inches display, the smartphone is only a little more than standard iPhone 8, 7, 6S or 6. As a result, the screen has grown, and there is no body.

The Home button was removed, now all actions can be performed using gestures.

3. Improved camera

The camera in the iPhone X has grown and became faster. A sensor with a resolution of 12 megapixel and a new color filter is used, the telephoto auxiliary module appears optical stabilization image. Now it is immediately on both rear chambers, like a competing Note 8. Main Wide-angle chamber has a light-angle f / 1.8, the second F / 2.4. A superior signal processor is used capable of recognizing objects. He is responsible for the processing of pixels, fast autofocus work, a wide color range and function HDR.

What does all this mean for the average user? Of course, better photos and videos, which will become more interesting than the former thanks to the new functionality of the camera application. Supported video recording on a 4K resolution with a speed of 60 frames / s and slow motion 240 frames / s at 1080p resolution. As a result, the cinematic capabilities of the new iPhone are twice as much more extensive than the previous models.

4. Portrait shooting mode on steroids

Portrait mode is now called Portrait Lightning and artificially changes the lighting of the scene, including after shooting. For this, there is an algorithm for the depth of the scene at the Apple A11 Bionic processor. He carries the face of who you take off, changes the light, distorts the color, etc. There are several new filters.

5. Portrait mode of shooting Selfie

Portrait mode now has both FaceTime front camera. Thanks to this, users will be able to create beautiful photos with a clear foreground and artificially blurred background. The results we will soon see in Instagram.

6. Processor

The 6-nuclear processor is used in all three new iPhones and issues unprecedented before Productivity. There are two powerful kernels and four economical, the speed of work should grow by 70% compared with last year. This speed makes available fast work of facial recognition.

7. Face ID

Since the HOME buttons are no longer, together with it the fingerprint scanner. Instead, it uses facial recognition FACE ID. The combination of the front sensors allows you to create a map of your face from more than 30,000 points. Developers promise a low error percentage and greater accuracy compared to the Touch ID scanner. Also recognition can be used with a payment system Apple Pay.

8. Improved screen

Screen diagonal 5.8 inches, although the useful size is slightly smaller. The OLED panel is used, TrueTone technology and color range P3, the resolution is 1125 x 2436, the contrast of 100,000: 1 is supported by HDR.

9. Stereo speakers

As in the past year, stereo speakers are again used, only now they are on 25% louder. It will come in handy when listening to music and watch video.

10. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is not only in the iPhone X, but With the advent of iOS 11, it should become more common. Animated smiles ( of the animezhi ), several new applications and games will appear.

11. Bluetooth 5.0

The latest generation of Bluetooth communication standard transmits data twice as compared to Bluetooth 4.2 and four times further.

12. Wireless recharging

Now the iPhone can be charged using a wireless adapter with the QI recharging standard. Apple Accessories will sell in their App Store.

13. Fast recharging

For half an hour, a smartphone can be charged by 50%. It will get rid of the need to wait next to the outlet.