All that is known about iPhone SE2

rumors about the release of the new iPhone 12 from Apple continue to appear day after day, but it will not be the only new smartphone from the American company released in 2020.

The release of a completely new budget iPhone will be held much earlier with the most modern characteristics, which is different in different ways: like iPhone SE2, so and iPhone 9. And much indicates that it will be the best iPhone in recent years. And in this article we will tell why.


iPhone SE2 will be equipped with all the same main 12 megapixel camera as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, but it will not have superwater sensors or telephoto sensor, as it is still a smartphone with a "budget" console.

As for , iPhone 12, it is reported that the phone will be installed in the phone a new 3D range of actions, but do not expect that such functionality will appear on the iPhone SE2.


Perhaps one area in which iPhone SE2 may disappoint - design. Instead of copying iPhone X, which has become an inspiration for all modern models, iPhone SE2 will look like iPhone 8 with the fingerprint sensor Touch ID ( Face ID will be absent). However, thanks to this, users will receive a very portable device that can be used by one hand. The back lid of the smartphone will be made of glass - everything is for support wireless charging.

A single spoon of tar in a barrel of honey - conversations that later this year Apple will release another budget iPhone using iPhone X. Mac Otakara declares that the second budget iPhone will be similar to the size of the iPhone SE2 In the style of the iPhone 8, but with a 5,4-inch display due to a much smaller framework.

Recently, concepts iPhone collected all rumors about the possible design of the new smartphone and combined them in the video. iPhone SE2 / iPhone 9 can be performed in the old design, but it has the potential to attract a new client base.


iPhone SE2 will have the same 4.7-inch screen, which became famous for the previous models. It is expected that the smartphone will have improved brightness and color accuracy, but the LCD will be installed, and not OLED, and the resolution will be 1334 x 750. However, it still provides a 326ppi pixel density that corresponds to the iPhone 11 indicator. However, the iPhone SE2 will not be the 120 Hz Promotion display, which is likely to appear on the iPhone 12.


As mentioned above, Apple decided to establish the Touch ID, and the Face ID will be missing. However, in general, 2020 will be marked by the return Touch ID, since a new sensor built into the display will appear on the iPhone 12.


Along with the camera Like iPhone 11, other important news is that the Apple A13 smart processor will be installed in iPhone SE2 (as in iPhone 11). Single camera and display with lower resolution will allow Apple to set less RAM (it is expected that it will be 3 GB), but it will still be one of the fastest phones in the world that can compete with any Android flagship 2020.


It is expected that this time Apple will borrow everything from the iPhone 11. It is not bad since the phones of that line are very effective, But on the iPhone SE2 there will be no support 5G.

Date of release

The official date of release of iPhone SE2 is not yet, but it is believed that the phone will appear on the stores of stores in the first quarter 2020 (January-March). This means that we still have to wait so much. There are also rumors that we want to add a smartphone to the official store without noise and then release a press release. So we recommend watching updates.

In addition to this, Bloomberg reported that the iPhone SE2 will be introduced into mass production in February, and sales start in March. If you want to have a smartphone at a speed that matches the iPhone 11 and the same camera for $ 500, your dreams will come true.

Nevertheless, the duet of journalists Bloomberg, Mark Gourmet and Debbie Wu, warns that the iPhone SE2 output can be deposited in connection with the proliferation of coronavirus not far from the location of the company's partners, Pegatron and Foxconn. Foxconn challenges this, however, during the Apple press conference in the first quarter of 2020, Tim Cook admitted that the epidemic affects the Apple supply chain.


The most attractive in iPhone SE2 will be its price, and Apple is expected to install it at 449 dollars (about 28,300 rubles). You can buy 2 versions: 64 GB and 128 GB.


Although iPhone SE2 (or iPhone 9, if you like) will not be the most exciting smartphone released Apple in 2020, it Most likely, it will become one of the best-selling. The combination of advanced characteristics and excellent chamber at a low price and in a compact package will make it ideal for people with a limited budget, as well as an excellent choice for children.