AGM M7 Review – The Loudest Smartphone

AGM M7 operates in all conditions - at least to cosmos with him take it. In this case, the device can boast a unique chip - a powerful 3.5-watt speaker, thanks to which you do not miss an important call, wherever it is. We tell about this unusual model in the review.


  • Operating System: Android 8.1
  • Processor: MEDIATEK MT6739, 4 kernels, clock frequency up to 1.5 GHz, 28 nm
  • Operational / Permanent memory: 1/8 GB
  • Slot for Memory Cards : There is
  • Display: 2.4 inches, resolution 320 × 240
  • Main chamber: 2 MP
  • Front camera: 0.3 MP
  • Wireless modules: Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n 2,4g
  • Battery: 2500 mAh, removable
  • Degree of protection: IP68 / IP69K / MIL-STD-810H
  • Weight: 195 g

The manufacturers of smartphones are infinitely competed in creating stylish devices, increasing the size of the displays and power processors. The devices, undoubtedly, are obtained beautiful, but at the same time, very fragile, unable to survive the fall from the half-meter height without severe consequences.

A certain - quite large part of consumers, on the contrary, requires the most endless gadgets that are not terrible cold and heat, fall on asphalt and into water. It is under these requests that the company AGM produces its products, and we will tell about one of the products below.


Equipment and design

In a compact box, painted in black and orange, the AGM M7 smartphone itself was located, adapter Power, Type-C cable, short adapter with Type-C per 3.5 mm, as well as a set of documentation.

At first glance, M7 resembles the usual push-button phone from somewhere from the past. However, there is no smartphone, albeit in such a form factor. Android is used here, simplified and adapted for a small screen, so the device can boast a multitasking, support for installing applications and other features that provide an advantage over simple phones.

The body elongated in length is protected by a combination of polycarbonate and rubber, strengthened ribbies in those places where AGM M7 can potentially Hit down when falling. On the front panel there is a small touchscreen display (it and the front camera covers thick protective glass ), the speaker speaker, and physical keyboard - a wonder for modern smartphones, but without it can not do in extreme Conditions.

There are no elements on the left end, and on the right there is a special button that can be configured for any actions - for example, inclusion of a flashlight, activation of the chamber or launch of the radio. On the upper end of the case there is a flashlight, and on the lower - contacts to install on the docking station and the plotted port of Type-c protected.

The most interesting is hidden on the rear panel AGM M7. First, the user will detect a removable lid under which the removable battery is located. Secondly, the good third of the panel takes a huge 3.5-watt speaker, whose power manufacturer compares with portable column. A little eyes of the main camera of the smartphone attached a little away.

The impressions of

, all its type of AGM M7 shows that it will become a reliable satellite in any conditions. The touchscreen display has an average responsiveness, and its size is enough to fit multiple icons, find a contact in the list of numbers and read the message.

You can talk in messenger or watch video: Device supports the installation of popular applications. 1 GB of RAM is not enough for the average smartphone, but this device is no longer necessary: ​​it works smart, does not slow down and does not upload processes from memory. But there is not enough permanent memory - on 8 GB Now you do not lie down. Therefore, it is necessary to add microSD The card, the good of the slot under it.

Seeing the physical keyboard, the man in the street skeptically chops, but users who are not very convenient to handle the touch screen, will be delighted. The phone can be used in gloves, take it with wet or dirty hands, and not worry that the sensor will not respond to the team.

Speaking about dirty hands - AGM M7 can be washed under running water, even with soap, and nothing will be! Similarly, the device will endure the dive on the water to one and a half-meter depth, will not break when the asphalt falls from a two-meter height will operate at a temperature of -20 to +60 degrees Celsius and blocks 99% of small dust accompanying any construction or production.

And since such places are also very noisy, there is a huge speaker of the smartphone. He is really loud: it plays so that he can be heard through a couple of walls in the house, and it is even capable of issuing pleasant bass. With such a device, it will not be able to skip an important call with all the desire.

Finally, it is worth mentioning other features of the device. LED-lantern is pretty bright, although it will not replace the real lantern with a powerful lamp. The battery holds two to three days of active use, but is capable of more. Impressive support for 4G-networks and the presence of a current port of Type-C is beneficially distinguished by AGM M7 from many models of protected smartphones, equipped with obsolete interfaces. Well, there is nothing about the capabilities of the camera - obviously, it does not claim to be outstanding results, but it is enough to quickly capture the desired scene.


AGM M7 will be able to recommend not to all categories of consumers; Even many of those who need a protected device will prefer the device with large screen. However, the device has undeniable advantages: the physical keyboard is not afraid of dirty and wet fingers, and the powerful speaker will provide a loud and clean sound. Therefore, you can always stay in touch, whether it is a vacation in nature, work in a noisy workshop or an extreme adventure.