8 reasons why not buy equipment online

Online stores - all. Today we will tell you why it is not necessary to order electronics online, and it is better to go to the store yourself.

Nowadays, it seems that all users buy electronics on the Internet. Yes, it is really simple. You need to do just a few clicks, and after a few days the desired product will come by mail. It does not even need to come out of the house!

However, there are some benefits in order to go to the store yourself and buy everything you need there.

Despite the convenience of online shopping, there are many reasons for which it is better to see the goods before purchase. From special shares to soul calm: We collected 8 reasons why you should buy electronics in the store, and not to order online.


The authentication of the goods is what needs to be done when buying any electronics.

Unfortunately, images of goods on the Internet can be highly deceptive. Given that fake products are easy and quickly seeping into the market, to distinguish the present device from the fake is a rather difficult task.

For this reason, the purchase of the authoritative retailer reduces the risk of acquiring fake products to zero. In addition, you can make sure that the device was not printed and did not open.

bu and Restored goods

People with a limited budget often buy used or restored techniques which is much cheaper than new.

However, the goods on the Internet can not always be in good condition, therefore there is a possibility to purchase non-working products.

In addition, some devices look like originals, but in fact they use used components. This is not such a big problem, but it can affect the durability of the product.

If you buy the technique in person, then you have the opportunity to pre-check its authenticity. It is also worth noting that many authorized retail stores are officially renovated at the factory of the device, which guarantees their quality and originality.


Like Online stores, ordinary Retailers are still carrying the cost of warehousing, delivery and processing of goods. In addition, they also need to monitor the free space in the store and the presence of a particular product.

That is why shops often try to quickly get rid of old models of electronics. Of course, at discounted prices, so you can often get a more profitable deal in the store, and not on the Internet.

installments, discounts when paying by the card

In the past few years, large issuers companies Credit cards often offer their customers various bonuses. One of these is cachek - when paying the map you can get back some amount of money (1-2%). In addition, it is possible to issue a special installment or get an exclusive discount.

Many companies also offer various remuneration for making major transactions or purchases of certain goods in partner stores. You can even earn points that can be used on travel, vouchers for food and other useful bonuses.

Return and exchange policy

Most people probably had to return at least once in life Or exchange the goods due to marriage or breakage.

Some products sold over the Internet does not offer a guarantee that you will not say about technology from shops. If you buy products in retail, then you will definitely get a guarantee for at least one year. And in the case of what, you can give this or that device for repair for free or get absolutely new.

In general, ordinary stores offer a softest return policy.

In addition, if you compare with online purchases, the chance of mistakenly acquire the wrong thing in the usual store is much smaller, because you will preliminarily make sure that it fits you in design, sizes, color and other parameters. This affects the statistics: retail sellers receive a much smaller amount of goods for refund or exchange.

In addition to this, shops save money at the cost of delivery of the device to service centers, since users often take them there themselves.

Evaluation of the goods

Many people before purchase prefer to personally see and check anyone or that product. This is especially true in the case of expensive technician.

When you spend a decent amount of money, seeing the product in person is an important and enjoyable part of the buying process. For example, a review of a 32-inch curved monitor or a fancy new camera, although they will give an idea of ​​​​the product, will not cause the same joy as getting to know the device in person.

It is very important to hold the product in your hands, evaluate its dimensions and imagine whether it fits into the interior of your home or office.

Also, when buying equipment in a store, you can unpack it in the presence of an employee to check its operation and make sure that there is no damage.

Employees to help

When buying goods in a store, it is best to contact the seller or saleswoman who will help you decide in case of any doubt. Yes, most often they try to force you to spend as much money as possible, but they can help you find what you need.

Even if you've already got your eye on a particular TV or smartphone model, the electronics staff member can suggest a few alternatives that might be better for you.

Instant gratification

Although many people view online shopping as pinnacle of so-called "instant gratification", retail shoppers disagree.

When buying electronics in a store, you do not have to wait for delivery, as you can take the goods home immediately after payment.

Plus, you don't have to worry about something going wrong and the item being damaged/stolen along the way or out of stock.


Nowadays, online shopping has become the norm. But, you see, the purchase of new equipment personally has its own special charm. Thus, if you are finally ready to buy the device of your dreams, we recommend that you go to the store yourself, and not just add the product to the “basket” on the Internet and pay with a credit card!