6 reasons to go to the button with Android

I want to sit less in the phone, but it is also not an option to completely abandon modern technologies. Then how about a simple button phone based on Android?

Android ecosystem is huge. Not only smartphones and tablets work on this operating system. Modern household appliances, such as refrigerators and brass cabinets, can also be managed by Android OS, without giving out their connection with it. Against the background of the Android devices in , push-button phones should not be surprising at all.

Modern phones are much more complicated and smarter than those were so popular in the middle of zero. Although in most cases, taking such a device in hand, you will not think that this usual Android is installed inside it.

And we know as many as six reasons why these hybrids of the old and new are very relevant today.

Recycled design

, as it were, the manufacturers did not try, in the design of smartphones which year is observed stable stagnation. Millions of faceless bars continue to go from the conveyors, if they are different each other, then only the colors and the size of the screen.

From time to time, something fundamentally new appears, for example, folding displays. In this case, all the attempts of developers are reduced to no long-familiar software that does not give the consumer of fresh experience.

In the framework of digital detox, you can cut the functionality of the smartphone to the level of the button telephone, but its appearance will remain the same.

Nostalgia in the middle of zero years is necessarily associated with a variety of smartphone market at the time. About the program part there is no point here, in all phones she was plus-minus the same. But form factors, colors - real fantasy rusty. Each manufacturer was ready to offer something unusual, and people gladly took any fint: folding phones, "shells", with a full-fledged keyboard, round with buttons on the sides. There were phones who dropped as a folding knife. In others, there were adaptive E-INK buttons.

All these developments were not extinct, and today they are gradually returned to the minimalist phones segment. Light Phone 2 - Quintessence of simplicity. There is no absolutely nothing in it that makes us shind over the clock in smartphones - browser, mail, social media. The view is a primitive communications gadget with a touch screen size with a credit card and an electronic ink display. The Punkt brand also went away from excess graphic bells and imagined and introduced the phone with the LCD screen and large tactile buttons.

Button Android Market is much more interesting than can be represented.

Excellent Support

You will probably surprise the fact that some companies consider minimalist phones as a flagship product. First of all, this refers to the above-mentioned Light Phone 2 and Punkt. These models are present on the market for several years, manufacturers continue to invest in them, and now they function much better than when starting.

By purchasing a push-button phone based on Android, you destroy the stereotype that the best Android is the one that came out literally the other day.

The first version of Light Phone 2 was completely poor on functionality. She could only take and make calls, send messages and set alarm clock. Now this phone is available to play music, loading podcasts, navigation and calculator. He also received the "voice to text" function for a quick and convenient recording of messages.

As for Punkt phones, in this lineup the largest supplement was the integration of the messenger Signal. After that, Punkt MP02 was among the most private communications devices.

Long autonomy

Even with a rich set of functions, a functional phone or a button-clamshell will still not consume so much electricity how many smartphone. Without a huge display and power engagement, good autonomy is provided.

How long does such a phone hold on, the question is, of course, individual. Since simple programs are not required by a lot of energy, and the body is completely small, then the battery in size and the container will be much less than in smartphones. In general, it all depends on the model. Some work on one charge for about a week, others are discharged after 2-3 days. But in any case, to put the button Android to charging will have much less frequently than the smartphone.

Pocket Size

Those who wears the phone mainly in pocket pants, probably noticed that with each new generation The gadget is increasingly and harder placed in his pocket. And then the moment comes when the clothes have to be selected not to personal taste, but based on how big pockets are in it.

And yes, a well-known fact - a small phone is more convenient in hand, they are easier to control. Plus he does not pull clothes, and you can go on a jog.

Less tracking

In most functional phones, no special tools are provided for protecting personal life. Communication operators Such phones are also visible: each subscriber's action on the network is documented on the server.

On some button androids, you can run WhatsApp and Messenger. Since these applications belong to META and other technological giants, they cannot be called fully privatat. So in the confidentiality, minimalistic phones make a step back compared to smartphones.

But it is only at first glance.


Ultimately, a simple push-button phone can tell about its owner much less than a smartphone. Popular mobile applications that in one way or another tracked the behavior of the user, they do not. So such a phone will never know what you are reading where you go, what they buy and see.

Every day, during your interaction with a smartphone, you tell the companies with all the groundnights of your life. While you sleep, the data are collected together, and by the time of your awakening the algorithms will already have a solution, which products and services to offer today in the tape.

For push-button phones, most of these applications are not available. Leaving the full-fledged smartphone on the Android button, you stop pouring personal data into the network.

Less distracting factors

No at hand, the smartphone, and Spotify no longer distracts with fresh podcasts. Facebook does not report that someone out of friends once again noted in the photo. When there is no huge selection of applications, then the temptation is to sit in the phone as a whole less. The phone will not take attention until you stand in the queue in the store, hurry to meet or just walk through the park at the lunch break.

But unlock other features to enjoy the moment: read a new bestseller, support a conversation with a fellow traveler, to do creativity (well, or at least just see how life flows around, drinking coffee on a bench). Emotions will bring more than the next virus video from tick current.

By the way, most Android functional telephones do not advertise their connection with this operating system. For example, Sunbeam F1 reports that it works on Basic OS. AGM M7 does not hide its connections with Android OS, which in its case is modified to be unrecognizable. Play Market You will not find on them, because the installation of new programs for such a phone contradicts their nature.


Of course, the transition from the smartphone to the push-button phone will bring not only positive changes. Some aspects will cause disappointment. Scan QR codes will not work in stores, share photos with friends too. Yes, and other disadvantages are not less than a dozen.

But still the next moment when you catch yourself thinking that they are tired of the abundance of high technologies, remember that cheap button Android will bring a sip of fresh air.