6 important parameters that should be considered when choosing a tablet

Nowadays, the tablets are almost as popular as laptops. They are light, comfortable and very useful for certain functions, for example, drawing or view content.

However, not all tablets are the same. It is important to take into account many different factors, due to which the model is suitable for some people, but not at all suitable for others. So, we have collected the six most important characteristics that should be considered before buying a tablet.

Type and Resolution of the Display

Resolution Display - an important factor when buying almost any type of device. Given that the ratio of the screen to the body on the tablet is very high, it is important to make sure that the model under consideration will not lead in terms of the display.

If you need a device only to read or a kind of "backup" of a laptop, then you do not need to worry too worry about the resolution of the display.

However, if you are going to use the tablet as the main device, you should purchase a model with as large screen resolution (here much depends on the budget).

The required resolution will also depend on the size of the tablet. The little device is unlikely to have a high resolution, and in the case of large devices, the other way around.

Take, for example, Lenovo Tab P11. It is equipped with a 11-inch screen, which is why the tablet can be called large. In this case, the resolution is 2000 × 1200. Lenovo Tab M7, on the other hand, has a seven-wing screen with a resolution of just 1024 × 600. That is why when choosing a tablet, it is important to pay attention to the size ratio and screen resolution.

As for the type of screen, there are two basic options on the market: LCD and OLED. The latter is considered a better option, and all thanks to brighter and rich colors.

Memory volume

Memory capacity is another key factor that should be considered before Buying a tablet. This item can be determined at all, since much depends on what exactly you want to use the device.

Tablets offer multiple memory volume options, and some of them may be too small. If you, for example, are going to store a large number of songs or other files on the device or you want to use a device for editing and storing images or video, you should select a model with a large memory volume.

Now there are several such tablets on the market. Most of the modern iPad (for example, 11 or 12.9), offer the amount of memory that will be enough for most users. If you are not an Apple fan, then pay attention to Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + or ASUS Zenpad 3S 10.

Battery capacity

In addition to the foregoing, it is also important to make sure that the selected tablet issues a good battery life. Stringing applications (YouTube, Netflix), Social networks and many other programs can quickly discharge the tablet battery.

If you use the tablet only at home, it will be quite enough and the model promising eight and more hours of autonomous work. However, if you plan to often use the tablet or want to take it with you in the journey or to work, then pay attention to the model from the Samsung brand.

Many Korean company devices boast of impressive battery life. It is worth mentioning Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. In addition, some less well-known brands also offer tablets with good autonomous time (for example, Vastking and Chuwi).

Screen size

Some smaller tablets are excellent for connoisseurs of comfort and portability, But the models are more as if created for entertainment. Because of this, it is important to decide in advance, what size device you need.

To view the news, reading of electronic books or viewing the social networks of a smaller tablet must be enough for most users.

However, moving films on Netflix or YouTube on a small screen is not the best experience, so the selection of the screen is more for such purposes - the right decision.

A similar situation with creative activities. If you want to use a tablet to edit images or drawing, it is best to choose a larger display - it is much more convenient.

stands, however, remember that large screens most often cost more (especially if the resolution is also high), but we believe that a small overpayment for a more suitable device is good and long-term investment.

So, if you need a large diagonal, take a look at Lenovo Yoga Tab, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or Microsoft Surface Pro 7. If smaller models are sufficient, Apple iPad mini 6 Or Lenovo Tab M8 is what is needed.


whether it is a charge cable, headphones or something else, Before buying a tablet, you must check how the device is equipped with the device.

Compared to laptops and computers, almost all tablets usually offer a limited port set, but some of them are Must-Have.

These include USB-C and AUX are standard ports for most models. But if you need additional connections, such as HDMI, then the Dragon Touch K10 model is what is needed.

processing speed

This indicator of the tablet determines how much A quick device is able to respond to commands and process information. If the processor of your tablet is weak, then the experience of using the device will certainly be spoiled, so before buying it is very important to check which processor is installed on the gadget under consideration.

To date, the best processors are equipped with either four cores or eight. For example, the latest Apple and Samsung plates can boast eight-core processors, which, of course, give high processing speed.

Quad-core processors are less, but also can produce high processing speed. Nevertheless, they will still not be equal to their eight-core "counterparts."

Outcome - Always check the characteristics before purchasing!

Yes, the purchase of the most popular or aesthetically attractive tablet may seem good idea, but such models are not suitable for everyone. It is important to check all the characteristics of a particular device in advance and decide what you want. After that, it will turn out to find the perfect model that will satisfy all needs.