5 Windows Maintenance Mistakes That Can Break Your System

Regular cleaning of the file system is a mandatory measure for computers with Windows. But know: There are actions that seem harmless, but in fact they can damage the system. Read what the good intentions are brought to.

Cleaning is important in that after it it is easier to navigate on the computer: a place is released, unnecessary files no longer litter folders. The main thing is not to overdo it. Built-in service tools maintenance may seem boring and ineffective, but they are completely safe. Refuse them and arm additional programs is risky.

1. Deleting the recovery partition

as a rule, when installing Windows 10, the recovery section appears on the disk. It is needed to reset or update the system without an installation disk or external drive.

When independently installing Windows 10, users often refuse to create a recovery partition. But if the system was installed on the computer by the manufacturer, this area will be present.

To find out its size, right-click on the Start menu (or press Win + X), select "Disk Management". Next to the disk of 0, on which Windows is standing, you will see at least one section marked as the "Recovery section".

The recovery partition can be deleted. At the same time, you will lose your ability to update the system with regular means. The recovery disk can be created on a separate device, but if you lose it, reinstall OS or reset the settings to factory simply will not work, you will have to download Windows 10. Search and download take a lot of time, but in principle, if you are confident in your organization, you can Move the recovery section to a separate media. Otherwise, leave it alone, even if the computer memory is filled.

2. Registry damage

Registry is a database where the OS and applications are stored. On the latest versions of Windows to enter the registry and something to change there is extremely rarely, only when performing specific operations.

Nevertheless, on the Internet, then the case includes advertising of miraculous programs for cleaning the registry, which allegedly fix a thousand problems with computer speed. Usually they promise to save the system from residual records in the registry stuck there after removing programs.

In 99% of cases, the registry optimization does not give any noticeable improvements. The registry is never clogged with unnecessary records to such an extent to worsen PC performance, and the correction of the promised thousands of errors will add only a dozen kilobytes of free memory.

Registry - the area is pretty sensitive. Even normal programs from time to time cause mistakes. If you delete some file manually or using a magic cleaner, the consequences can be much more serious - from the inability to start any function to the full collapse of the entire system.

Stay from the program for cleaning the registry away. Honest word, a sense of zero.

3. Deleting systemic and simply very necessary files

throughout the Windows file system, many critical elements are scattered. These include system data, installed program files and your personal settings. Some of these Windows prohibits delete or change. Usually it saves from trouble, but especially zealous users manage to break through and through this barrier.

Do not touch without good reasons for files in important system directories, such as C: Windows. Many of these default directories are hidden. If your computer work does not imply deep digging in the settings, turn off the display of hidden files and folders to inadvertently not to delete something important.

Deleting not only systemic, but also other files can cause problems. Some games save their data in the Documents folder. Disorderly deletion from this folder all that comes on hand leads to loss of gaming progress.

Indicate the Windows folders for themselves, where your work documents are stored, and only engage in them. In other places, let people who disassemble this.

4. Deleting drivers

Drivers are mini programs that help the computer to recognize and run equipment. They are needed to connect mouse, keyboard, video cards, acoustics and everything else. Key drivers (for motherboards, video cards and other internal equipment) It is recommended to update as soon as the latest version leaves. But it is ideal. If the computer works without complaints, and you have no idea how these drivers are updated and where they generally lie, do not go anywhere. Works - and okay.

Update drivers more difficult than normal software. Some users to facilitate their lives install special utilities for searching and updating drivers. And from this point on, trouble begin. The utilities for updating drivers are notorious to the fact that the tons of advertising are punched through them, they set incorrect drivers and even download them from dubious sources.

In truth, and with official utilities (those developed by the manufacturer of the equipment) not all smoothly. There is evidence that AMD Cleanup Utility demolitions USB drivers for input devices, calls a black screen and other trouble.

But still programs to remove drivers, such as Display Driver Uninstaller, can be beneficial. They will be useful in cases where you cannot get rid of the problem driver on your own. We do not recommend resorting more to their services.

5. Cleaning the disk

Here it is, how sooner or later, lovers get one feels from the computer all nonsense.

When Windows 10 reset makes it possible to save personal files intact or completely erase them. Good reasons to resort to such radical actions a bit. Unless you want to clean it before selling a computer, so that the new owner does not have a chance to restore your album from the last corporate basis.

Advanced users know that while the released memory cells will not be recorded new information, the old content can be removed once or twice. Therefore, after cleaning the disk, it is recommended to score it under the string of something insignificant, for example, a copy of the same film, and then clean the cleaning again. After that, personal information is erased forever.

This operation can be automated tools like DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke). Be careful with them: with the slightest suspicions that something needed on the computer remains, make a fresh backup. For the path back will not.

As you can see, the line between "Hurray, I cleaned my computer" and "why doesn't it work?" places are very blurred. In most cases, you can limit the Windows management tools. Be careful for third-party programs, only if you understand what careless actions can lead to, and imagine how to fix the consequences.