5 ways to squeeze the maximum of the chamber on the smartphone

Smartphones are almost at all, so everyone can call themselves a photographer. For this reason, it will not hurt to know several tests of photographing on a mobile device.

Wipe the lens

it would seem, before, each should think But many forget. Smartphones are with us everywhere, so the glass lens is often dirty fingerprints and dirt. You may not notice the stains, but spend a couple of seconds and wipe it before shooting an important photo does not hurt.

This is especially important for shooting the front camera, because here the lens is often separated from the main glass over the screen and the spots appear on it with a greater probability. The front camera usually has a lower resolution and quality of the pictures, so these spots are especially critical. Protheus lens, you can significantly improve the quality of the photo.

Turn on the viewfinder mesh

Most camera applications allow you to turn on the grid, but by default it is usually turned off. If your smartphone has such an option, it will help you evenly build objects in the photos. These strips on the screen may initially annoy, but soon you will understand the importance of separation and proportions in photos.

Usually the grid is of size 3x3, which helps to adhere to the principle of constructing a composition called "Telecom rule". Flat lines allow to align the horizon in photos from a long distance.

Use the flash only in extreme cases

It is said that photographing is the art of lighting. On smartphones with tiny sensors, this expression is especially relevant as they have difficulty getting light. With weak and mixed lighting, there may be a desire to turn on the flash, but do not give in temptation. The flash is usually too bright for the object in front of you, it blurs it. At the same time, it is not strong enough to illuminate a large space.

Instead, move the smartphone or the shooting object to adjust the lighting. Most smartphones can focus the camera by pressing a specific area of ​​the screen to change the exposure. It is often enough just to illuminate the object instead of the background, which we usually do not think.

Use a small tripod

Self-sticks, but much more convenient to use a tripod with Holder of the smartphone. There are various cheap models, from the options with rigid legs to flexible legs and magnets at the bottom. Secure the smartphone and you can shoot photos of various types.

Tripods are useful when shooting itself without self-stick stick, and can also improve the quality of shooting with weak lighting due to long shutter speed, it is only possible to hold the machine for a few seconds or a minute. A small tripod that will fit in the pocket will significantly expand your photographic features.

Use the backup service

All these prompts will be useless if you do not take care of the safety of photos and stored They are only on the smartphone. You can remove fantastic photos and share them in social networks, but you always need to have a backup copy of the original.

Google Photo Suitable for this, both in a free and paid version, like Dropbox. The best services that produce backup regularly and automatically.