5 actions that will make you victim of the extortionist virus

Meeting with a blackmaist virus does not succeed anything pleasant. But if you really want to meet him, it is easy to arrange.

With the development of technologies, many fraudulent schemes moved to the online space. Software for blackmail (or Ransomware) - the threat is old enough. The first mass attacks date back to the middle of zero years, and a large surge of activity fell for 2016.

According to analysts from IDC, more than a third of the world existing companies have been subjected to Ransomware attacks. Random people are rare victims. Usually, the developers of such viruses are aimed at specific persons or a group of people from a certain circle, which have something to lose.

If you wanted attention from the creators of dangerous programs, well, so be: we will help to achieve the goal. Several simple actions - and attackers will take you on note. And there is not far to the first attempt to blackmail.

If seriously: Avoid these actions at any cost!

Copy the service information to a personal computer

make an attractive target for extortioners from a home PC easy peasy. Keep more valuable working information on it, for example, employee databases, project backups, business discussions, etc.

Mass transition to remote work has added a headache management. Now you need not just to establish communication with subordinates in online channels, but also find out how reliable their homework is. Now from remote workers, additional steps are required: Encryption of hard drives, connection via VPN, and in some cases performing tasks on a separate PC without connecting to the Internet. These measures are aimed at protecting corporate information that are not subject to publicity, and in the overwhelming majority they help maintain confidentiality.

The main vulnerable place remains a human factor, namely, weaknesses as irresponsibility and excessive gullibility.

If Hacker is really interested in stepping information from a certain firm, it is unlikely to stop something.

Tell it in detail about yourself in all online accounts

The more you know about a person The easier it will get to him, and then press. Open profiles in social networks, detailed stories about personal and business life will help hackers to identify a valuable sacrifice, collect a portfolio and develop a plan of action.

Online can never be 100% confident who is a person on the other side of the dialogue: an interested partner or still an attacker.

those who occupy a high position are not recommended to advertise on social networks their real name, place of work and activity, as such information is able to awaken the interest of cybercriminals and entail a number of problems in particular, attack on a personal computer and an attempt to blackmail.

Of course, it is not worth the deprivation of presence on the Internet. It's just impossible to go into unnecessary details. In a personal profile associated with work, it is enough to indicate your current position. Other information, such as active tasks or connections with other organizations, should not be in public access.

recruiters and customers for whom these details may be important, will never make them in online correspondence. For this, there are full-time interviews.

Do not need a lot of passwords, enough and one

Millions of users managed to get acquainted with managers Passwords. But about the same amount of people believe that the computer program is not safe to trust the computer program.

In truth, there is reason to fear. You can lose access to your data as a result of the stealing of the flash drive, the main key loss, failures in cloud storage, etc. But all these problems are small in comparison with what can happen if you use the same passwords on Different services.

Have one password for all occasions is very convenient - this is a fact. But as soon as one of the accounts are hacked, the threat will instantly spread to all other things that were associated with it. Companies are regularly subjected to this type of attack, as a result of which data leaks from the internal accounts occur.

The fusion logins and passwords attackers are trying to apply to enter different services. Sometimes they are lucky.

This success for a hacker is to access the main e-mail of the victim. Then, using the "Restore Password" function, the door opens almost to all related accounts (unless, of course, they were not protected by additional measures).

Attend dubious sites and interact with them

on the Internet are full of resources that should be avoided. But, as in real life, the risk attracts all lovers to rinse the nerves.


Part of the sites are collecting much more information about their visitors than it seems. Note your IP address is not as dangerous as autofill data and traces of accounts. You can never know for sure which trackers are built into the site and who stands behind them. If these people see an attractive victim in you, sooner or later your peace will be broken.

Sites are visible by the version of the operating system and computer hardware characteristics. You can track the PC of a particular person.

Which sites can behave in an uncommon way? The game in human weaknesses has always worked correctly, so first of all the dangerous resources include sites with materials 18+, torrent trackers and free cinemas. Many of them are created solely to attract people and subsequent infection of their Malicious PC computers.

Do not hesitate to communicate with different people

in the end for this Internet and is intended: New connections are settled there for Five minutes. If a person looks interested in partnership, there is no reason to refuse him in communication, so?

So, not quite. In the online space, people may not be at all those who are issued for whom they should always be on guard to notice signs of unfair intentions in time.

The purposefulness of some blackmailing can be envied. They have been collecting information about a particular person from a variety of sources for weeks or even months and ultimately have no problems with a conversation on purely personal topics, step by step by departing what they need.

And then an attack collapses onto the computer and a choice arises to a person: to fulfill the requirements or try to fight. Any choice may have long-term consequences for a career and personal life.

Caution is not available

Computers and the Internet opened us access to an incredible number of information. By clicking in front of our eyes, libraries and stores, useful guides and bank statements are opening.

Together with these amenities, responsibility came. Now it's more important to be alert and follow any dubious signs when working on the Internet. This applies not only to personal, but also business contacts. The higher the person is occupied by a person, the higher the probability of encountering a unreliable interlocutor who manage hidden motives.

Unfortunately, security on the Internet cannot be learned in a couple of hours. This skill must be improved constantly, as the world changes, technology, too, and more and more contacts from real life goes into digital. And in parallel with this, the number of ingenious schemes for which you can get caught on the network. Threats hundreds, programs for blackmail - only one of them.