20 applications for learning android programming

collected for you 20 applications for learning android programming. Theory, practice, learning in games form, foreign applications - you can start programming after reading our article without getting up from the sofa.

To say about the fact that every year programming is becoming an increasingly popular professional profession and as a whole as a rather interesting occupation or a hobby - say nothing. Yes, what is there, all the technologies that surround us would not work if not for skillful programmers.

and the fact that it seems that all this is a dark forest, which is better not to jump, as okly, how wrong, because today you can learn programming in interactive environments and mobile applications who literally hold you to this amazing world and help master the basic skills. For you, we have collected the best applications for learning android programming, which will be equally understandable for children and adults and allow you to gain knowledge anywhere: at least in the train, although in nature, at least in space.

The structure of the article is as follows : First, we will consider applications that allow you to study the theory of programming. The following are programs in which, in addition to the theory, you can hone skills on solving various tasks. In the third - bonus section - you will find games to help explore programming in an exciting form. Well, the final block - applications that, unfortunately, are not translated into Russian, but they are also worthy in their direction.


Programming - Training - Tutorials

Let's start From the simplest and banal - collection of training materials for all sorts of programming languages ​​and not only. With this application you can start learning from C, C ++, Java, Python, Android - Kotlin and much more. The design of the trailer is quite simple and, one can say, outdated, but in it will be able to deal without problems and those who with phones on "you".

When choosing a language, a set of lessons, followed by links to learning videos in YouTube (they can be in Russian or English). That is, the author of the application collected in one place all useful training materials on our topic.

In addition to the lessons themselves, "bonuses" are present: biographies of well-known programmers, Podcasts, forum, memes and much more. "Programming - Training - Tutorials" for free, but there is Advertising.

Programming languages ​​

, in contrast to the previous application, it is "reference" than the training. It contains information about all existing and existing programming languages. Each button refers to the Wikipedia page, where it is written that it is for the language, who was invented, where it is used... In general, quite useful information for whom C ++, Python, C, Java are incomprehensible English-language words.

Learn python.py

The application is devoted to one of the most understandable programming languages ​​- Python. This is an electronic textbook in which training is broken down by chapters. Rights as fundamental topics that will help explore programming from scratch and narrow-directed (object-oriented programming, work with dates and time, creating a graphical interface).

Learning language in this application will not be difficult - we simply read the chapters, see examples of programs and... all. Nothing extra. The only thing that can be configured is the font size. The program is free, but there is an advertisement that, however, does not distract.

Startandroid - programming lessons

, a specific application devoted to programming on Android. That is, you can not just learn to "go to", but also create your own applications (games, software, and so on), and this is today very much in demand, judging by statistics.

Together with the developer, you will pass a step-by-step course with an inexperienced to confident in this topic of the user. There is 184 (!) Lesson, where in text format and with pictures, the author chews even the most incomprehensible themes. Also lists the listings with the code that can be borrowed and visually see how it all works.


The application has an abundance of settings (you can change the scale and type of font, download lessons to work in offline mode, turn on full screen mode and so on). Startandroid can be downloaded for free, and there is even no advertising, but if you wish to support the author, you can buy a Premium version for 149 rubles.

Theory + Practice

Stepik: Top Online Courses

Stepik is a platform with free online courses in different directions (not only programming). It includes the video format (removed specifically for STEPIK), which is fixed by practical tasks and final testing by modules, and upon completion, the participant receives a certificate of learning.

As for programming, here everyone will find something for themselves. There are courses "for the smallest", and there are for those who already have a certain knowledge base (lessons on artificial intelligence, machine vision, neurotrans and other topics).

The application interface is simple, and participants can leave their reviews on course and individual lessons. Statistics are also present, an additional motivating to learning (top students, achievements, a summary of activity).

Simulator Python, C ++, Java

This program is not So for learning how much to test knowledge in C ++, Python and Java. Includes a collection of tests to prepare students to OGE and EGE, but the application will be useful for those who are engaged in self-study without binding to these exams.

Mainly there are tasks for the type "What the program will withdraw". As an answer, 4 options are presented, only the user needs to select one of them. It can be accessed in a special section, and then pass "test" out of 10 tasks. There is detailed statistics, as well as an abundance of options (you can discuss the project in Telegram, select test topics, change the topic with light on the dark and vice versa, and so on). Such a learning method, by the way, will allow you to quickly identify problem topics.


An interactive educational application that will open C ++, C, C #, PHP for you, Python, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3 and many others. You can choose one course or several minutes at once, after which a certain "track" will open for you, descending by which you will deepen into learning the selected language. Each topic includes theoretical and practical materials, and such a feed will make it easy to track progress and look out what is there further.

Implemented close interaction between users. To each lesson you can leave your comment and read the reviews of other participants. With like-minded people can also be chatting on the forum.

Each Account is personalized. There is a scale of progress, and the rich selection of settings will help choose the topic, turn on the night mode and other not so important options, but their presence is happy.

The application has a free trial period (14 days), after which the material will be available at a low price at 299.9 rubles per month. It is really a bit, given that all sorts of languages ​​you can explore in one place without getting up from the sofa.


  • Another platform with online courses, which has a proprietary application for studying programming on Android. Everything is also good here, like Stepik - a lot of material not only on the material under consideration, but also by other diverse categories, a detailed description of the course, a system of feedback, information about teachers, the simple design of the program itself.

    Note that the courses are an order of magnitude better, because most of them are paid (the cost of some of them reaches 10,000-11,000 rubles). But there is, of course, free options, however, they may not include fairly useful materials (tasks, articles).

    Programmers will be able to study various themes to the holes, even narrow-controlled: development of games on the Unreal Engine 4 engine on C ++, android programming from scratch, web development and so on.

    Game programming, creation from zero (Python) (2 parts)

    and back to the Python language again, where you can write your first program for only one line. This tutorial takes a boring theoretical material and turns it into an interesting practical task, namely to create games from scratch. The author proposes to study the basics of the tongue and in parallel to create albeit small but games. This practice will help much better master the material.

    The application includes theoretical chapters on the basics of the language, as well as 4 sections on specific games. You, of course, will write from scratch under the guidance of the author. The application can be downloaded for free on Android, but if you wish to open access to all chapters, you can support the draft symbolic amount of 109 rubles. It is worth it, because the author took care of a convenient interface, implemented a check of various issues and released 2 parts of his creation.

    RapprogTrain: programming lessons

    RapprogTrain is a good application for programmers who intend to study web programming. It contains 4 sections: In the first you will find useful articles and posts, in the second neat courses in various languages ​​(with content and description of what awaits you), in the third, the code editor is implemented in which it is possible to read something and independently write something And in the fourth collected tests in various languages ​​(lungs, medium, heavy).

    There are no other functions from the application - except, you can change the topic to light or dark. Download rapprogtrain for Androids can be free, but note that advertising will fill in the bottom panel.

    Programming games


    A simple pixel art game that shows how robots, manipulators and assembly lines work together in a factory through programming. It is not translated into Russian, but everything is intuitive here: you need to select commands from the menu and build them in combinations, and then test and see if you managed to complete the level task.

    Commands are pretty trivial: "go forward", "turn right", "take" and so on. But whether you can build a logical sequence to complete the task is another matter. And yes, the same commands are used for real robots, and they also combine to achieve goals.

    The game has nice music and is available for free, but if you want to get rid of ads, you can buy the premium version for only $1.

    Miner Code

    This game invites the user to program his mining robot in JavaScript. As an engineer, you have to solve a number of difficult problems, and for this you will have to use your knowledge of this language and, if necessary, pump it up.

    In a playful way, you can learn various JavaScript topics and immediately put them into practice. The tutorial videos clearly show how the robot miner works and what you need to write to make it move. A simple code editor is built into the Miner's Code, in fact, for programming.

    The disadvantage may be not the most pleasant music that you want to turn off as soon as possible. The game, unfortunately, is not translated into Russian.

    Pocket Code

    Pocket Code is not just a game, but a tool for creating your own games. It is necessary to be a visual Catrobat programming language, which is designed to understand how real projects are created (how cycles are used, in which sequence functions are used and so on). The code on a simple human language is visualized by animation, which allows you to instantly see the result of the work. All functions can be interpreted in other languages ​​in their projects.

    The creation of games occurs on the principle of Lego designer - the user simply collects together the various parts and gets a full-fledged game as a result. It's nice that Pocket Code is translated into Russian, and the applications will be able to deal with users of all ages.

    Lightbot: Code Hour

    Let in the description of Lightbot: Code Hour and mentioned that this game for children, we will recommend it to everyone who wants to study programming in a simplified form. Here you have to manage a robot and solve puzzles for moving the character from one point to another. As in Automaton, this is done using the movement teams.

    The game has a fairly pleasant graphics and indestrotible music, and to build the chain of the commands, it is enough to press on different arrow buttons. It may seem like children's entertainment, but the management of robots in reality occurs, with a certain sequence of intuitive team users.

    English-language applications

    Programming Hero

    Programming Hero offers to create your own game in various languages ​​(Python, JavaScript, CSS, and so on), and all this is in an exciting form. This application can also be attributed to the previous section, but still the theories here much more.

    Conquer the planets, each of which is a programming theme, solve tens of tasks, study the basic and narrow partitions and write any code that you can share with students from around the world, in the embedded editor. Users are not in vain call this application one of the best for programmers, but unfortunately, an obstacle to his study will be the language barrier.

    Learn Java

  • "Learn Java" - another good program to explore a certain language, which includes theoretical and practical parts. 64 lessons are represented that cover the maximum number of Java for the novice programmer.

    Training occurs in several game form. To open the next lesson, you must first complete the previous one (i.e. go through the level). Users also earn glasses and compete with each other in the rating table. Download This application for programming on Android can be free, however, you will have to come up with an abundance of advertising.


    Pleasant design app offers to delve into web development, Python and JavaScript. The volume of the material here is such that your training is crushed for several months, because the authors not only abandoned the theory, but also implemented several thousand (!) Tasks for each of the directions.

    Training includes reading a small passage from theory and practical tasks (test, independent code input). Thus, the user gradually creates its small programs. To open topics more complicated, first will have to complete those that is easier, even if you already have some knowledge. For the course of the course, the participant earns coins that can be spent on various bonuses.

    As for the application itself, it attracts not only with its design, but also an abundance of social trifles. For example, the user has a level, it can make friends, as well as personalize his profile.

    It costs all this pleasure of 4,600 rubles per year, but 7 days are given for free.

    Programming Hub

    Those who are not afraid of English will definitely like the Programming Hub app, which won an award in 2017 as "best of the best" in the Play Store. All in one - JavaScript, C++, C, Swift, Python, CSS and more. The Programming Hub has over 20 courses in various languages ​​and an impressive collection of 5000+ programming examples. There is also a native compiler for writing code, which developers call the fastest for Android.

    The nicely designed interface is pretty easy to understand, and the learning is like “read a piece of theory - immediately fixed it in practice.” By the way, a pleasant trifle - the text of lectures is sounded.


    EdX is a collection of open online courses in various professional fields (including programming). In one place, a colossal amount of material has been collected, which will help both become a professional from scratch and fill in various gaps. The presented courses are used by teachers of world universities, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard and so on. It is noteworthy that all courses and training programs can be obtained free of charge.

    Codecademy Go

    Not a bad app Codecademy Go offers to study material on JavaScript, Python, SQL, CSS and other sections and take tests to consolidate knowledge. Not to say that the puzzles are intended for beginners, so this program is best installed by those who have at least some kind of base.

    Like other guests of our selection, Codecademy Go offers you to track your learning progress and has an intuitive interface.