1more Quad Driver Headphone Review

The 1More brand is known around the world for combining great sound, quality build and affordable price in their headphones. Today in the review one of the best wired headsets of the company is 1More Quad Driver.

This model has been on the market for a long time, and it has managed to collect a lot of positive feedback not only in Russia, but also abroad. At the time of writing the review, Quad Driver headphones on the manufacturer's website cost almost $170, in Russian stores the price tag starts at 7,500 rubles. By our standards, this is not the most affordable device, so let's see what this headset is good for and whether it is worth the money.

I must say right away that this review is based on a subjective opinion. The perception of any technique is purely individual, especially when it comes to sound. Therefore, I, as the author of this text, do not pretend to be the ultimate truth and recommend that you personally listen to the sound of this headset before buying.

Brand Brief

1More is a company formed in 2013 by ex-Foxconn employees. It is positioned as an American brand, but has Chinese roots. At the beginning of its history, the manufacturer received a large investment from Xiaomi, which explains their close cooperation. However, as practice shows, the most advanced technologies and the best settings go to products manufactured under their own name, rather than companion devices.

The official website of the company says that 1More pursues an important and difficult mission - to bring high-quality sound to everyone who wants it, regardless of age, gender, social status and income level. This means that 1More audio equipment is created with attention to every detail - from the materials used to the sound settings. Luca Bignardi, a well-known sound engineer and producer who received a Grammy award for his work, is responsible for the final sound.

At the same time, professional setup and subtle approach to creation do not affect the price. By global standards, the brand's products are far from the most expensive.


  • Type: Wired insert headset
  • Model: Quad Driver
  • Emitters: 4 (1 Dynamic, 3 reinforcement)
  • Range Frequencies: 20 Hz - 40000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 99 dB
  • Power: 5 MW
  • Wire: Valid, 1.25 m, symmetrical, reinforced
  • Plug: 3.5 mm, L-shaped
  • Case material: Aluminum
  • Remote : Three-button with microphone
  • Weight: 18.5 g

Appearance and kit

The headset comes in a gift wrapping. Inside the cardboard cover with the title, appearance and model parameters, the main box is hiding. It has a pleasant tactile surface and a folding lid, which is fixed with a magnet. There is no extra information on it, everything is stylish and concise. On the lid inside the drawings of the headset, which explain its device, and also comments from Luke Bagnardi are given.

The kit is neatly laid in separate seats. It includes:

  • Headphones
  • 9 pairs of additional ambush (3 pairs of foam, 6 pairs of silicone)
  • Adapter for aircraft
  • Adapter by 6.5 mm
  • Clip on clothing
  • Case of artificial leather with magnetic lid
  • advertising brochure, mini-instruction, branded sticker

The approach to the little things is noticeable - the incubuser is neatly decomposed into the pencils with the designation of their size. All accessories look stylish, high quality and expensive.

design and ease of use

first look at headphones Makes think about the convenience of their wearing. The headset looks massive and it seems that it will be uncomfortable to wear it. Plus, she has a metal console, which must also delay the cables down. But in practice there are no problems - the headphones are well sitting, do not fall out when walking or sharp movements. At the same time, it was not even necessary to use the clamp for a shirt.

The quality of the assembly is very high - it is felt tactile and noticeably visually. Headphones are made of aluminum. They are pretty heavy, look impressive and monolithically. The elongated leg protects the fastening of the cord and the headphone from the inflection, also the protection is in the place of split - the metal flask with the rubber seal. Not deprived of attention and L-shaped plug: here, too, there is a rubber seal in the fastening site.

The remote control is located on the right cable. It is metallic, has three symmetric buttons without designations and a microphone. Buttons are pressed elastic - not tight, but excluding random pressing. This is accompanied by a characteristic pleasant click.

Despite the absence of inscriptions, it is easy to deal with the control - the central button includes music (the function works, even if the player is not turned on) or puts it pause, long press activates voice assistant.

The two remaining buttons adjust the volume. The manufacturer's website indicates that they must switch tracks. In addition, there is information that the model understands Windows, Android and iOS operating systems. In my case, the remote does not work with a laptop on Windows, and songs are not switched on Android. I do not cause any special problems, but the fact remains a fact.

Landing in the ears, despite the size of the headset, comfortable. It may seem that it is not very reliable, but in fact no questions have no questions. Even if the problems and will appear, the enhanced set of amcusur will allow you to find the appropriate option for any user. In addition, when preparing for a review met information that the nuances with landing users decided, simply using the model as with ear mounts - cable up.

Separately, it is worth noting the cable - it is quite thick, it looks reliably and completely not confused. Even an attempt to gently collect him and tied led to failure. This is an obvious dignity, but at the same time to tie them into a neat lump and put in the pocket will not succeed - the headphones will simply turn out.

The overall impression of the assembly, ergonomics and convenience of control is positive.

The sound

As mentioned above, the device received four drivers: one dynamic and three reinforcement. This means that in each ear of the user is four dynamics.

The official page of the model explains that each driver is configured separately to play certain frequencies. Dynamic is responsible for low and medium frequencies, two reinforcement take on medium-high and high, and the third reinforcement processes ultra-high frequency. At the output, the user must hear each tool, the voice and sound of the environment that falls on the record separately, but harmoniously, without the predominance of certain frequencies, as well as without breaking during the transition from some frequencies to others.

did it work out? On my subjective look, yes. Regardless of the style of music (during the test, the most diverse music was sounded - from the modern ass and hip-hop to classic compositions, metal, dram-n-bass and techno), headphones perfectly coped with their task. There is a feeling that I am in the very center of what is happening, and the sound comes from all sides. Not only the sound of the tools and the voice of the artist, but also third-party nuances (it is especially felt in Live records).

In this case, everything achieves hearing evenly, without distortion, any porridge or insufficient severity. Important, in my opinion, the moment is that the music does not hit the head: it surrounds, but leaves a small space to the source. The sound is sincere and so warm that it seems that this music sounds only for me. Moreover, the favorite "lighted" to the holes of the composition revealed again - there were sounds and shades, which were not previously heard.

It is impossible to go around the fact that the first half an hour was rather strange. It was originally felt that headphones sound sharply and unpleasantly. But by spending some time in them, I realized that the problem is in volume. In a quiet room, they sound too loud, but it is not felt due to the complete immersion. After decreasing the sound, the headphones sounded much more pleasant and more comfortable. In noisy conditions (street, urban transport, shopping center), the volume is perfect - it is enough to block the noise and plunge into music, while discomfort does not occur.

Another interesting observation - having an excellent balance, these headphones allow you to independently allocate an interesting sound fragment. For example, if you currently want to hear a shock installation or pierce the vocal, then you do not need to hardly listen. It's just enough to mentally make an emphasis on this to immediately enjoy the process. At the same time, the remaining sounds do not go to the background and do not disappear, but pleased with the overall picture.

It is important to understand, 1more Quad Driver is headphones that are sensitive to equipment. The model is designed to work with smartphones and is focused not only on audiophiles, but also simply on music lovers and music lovers. This means that you do not need a professional player so that the headset discloses its potential. However, it is not necessary to expect that the average price smartphone rolls it by 100%. Although it even feels many positive advantages of this headset.

Soundproofing and microphone

Sound insulation for me was good. When preparing, often met information that the surrounding sound is still seeping, but many users decided to change the ambulance of the ambush. From the point of view sound insulation for others - it is not ideal. At the maximum volume, your music or voice of the interlocutor will be heard.

The quality of the microphone at a high level. It is not worth bringing it to my mouth, as in this case there is a worsening voice of voice.


Without pretending to the title pro in the field of sound, but having experience using different headphones and love for music, I can summarize - this model I was pleasantly struck. I liked the sound, the quality of assembly and materials. From the subjective drawbacks - all the time it seems that the headphones will fall (but for the week the use of this has never happened). In addition, for me, the unfolding cable was not very convenient. I don't have the habit of removing the headphones into the cover for small intervals, and in pockets or a backpack they are rapid and cling to something.

1more Quad Driver headphones for Russian music lovers expensive, but they cost their money. If you are considering the purchase of an audio device for the money and at the same time you want to pay for quality, and not a promoted name, then it is worth seeing to look at the model. If you do, listen to it in the store. It is quite possible, it is exactly what you are looking for.