10 tips, thanks to which your video will look like professional

If you shoot a lot of videos, but rarely satisfied with the results, you are not alone. Most people would like to know how to shoot a video better.

Fortunately, it is not so difficult. Regardless of whether you record something for publication on the Internet or just for memory, these simple tips will help you create better videos.

Read on to find out how to make amateur videos more professional.

Always use the rear chamber

It may seem an obvious rule, but it is easy to forget. The rear camera on the phone has a higher quality, higher resolution and offers more functions. It almost always provides the best results.

Do you need tips for shooting video yourself? Well, in many cases, we still recommend using a rear view camera when your phone is installed on the table or on the wall. If you prefer a manual approach, you can use the front camera, but do not hesitate to rotate the phone to shoot in landscape mode.

If you say directly to the camera, make sure that you look into the lens, and not on the screen. Otherwise, the impression will be created as if you look at the shoulders of the viewer.

Stabilization and focus

To create an excellent video there are two important requirements: keep the camera still and in focus.

Many phones, chambers and camcorders have built-in image stabilization. It helps to shoot to stabilize the image, but you must remember the constraints. The IS function works better if keeping the camera still from the very beginning - the shooting start during walking can easily lead to unwanted shake of the camera.

Remove in landscape mode

Simple first step to learn to do professional Videos - Do not forget to shoot in landscape mode. Or, simple words, turn the phone on the side!

Vertical or portrait videos are good if you watch them on your phone. At that moment, when you try to see your creations on a TV, a laptop, a tablet or any other device, their inappropriate orientation will pop up as a faithful sign of the "amateur".

In addition, you can better fit into the frame with a horizontal position of the smartphone. This means that the need to constantly move to the left and right is minimized that, in turn, leads to a more challenge.

Turn on the grid

The only thing worse than watching the video recorded in portrait mode, it looks video taken crookedly. Adding a grid allows you to use the background as a guide to ensure that the video is always smooth.

Most devices have this option - it can be enabled through the settings. The grid helps align the video on the background in the background to ensure that you record direct videos.

It also helps the composition. When shooting people, lay their eyes on the same line with the top line of the grid. Fans of photography will know this as a "line of the line of the line", which will help to make it better to have elements in the frame.


Dark or undeacpided video create a number of serious problems:

  • is difficult Lighten the video without noise and does not worsen the quality.
  • The chamber is difficult to focus with weak lighting.
  • If you use automatic mode, which most often occurs when shooting an amateur video, the camera reduces frame rate under conditions of poor lighting. This leads to an intermittent video that you cannot fix.

What solution? Try to make your object illuminated a bright light source that is ideally located behind you. Use the smartphone flashlight only as an extreme measure.

If you plan to shoot in low light conditions regularly, you may have to update the equipment so that you can use quick lenses and fully manual control.

Experiment with angles

Naturally, just take the camera and start shooting quite easily. However, if you want to make professional videos at home, you need to experiment more with the angles you use.

Instead of removing all the eye level from one place, try making a wide-angle video, and then go closer to the object to make a video close-up. Then edit them together. Or hold the camera above your head to capture the action from above. Or sneeze and remove the bottom-up.

Try to find what fits perfectly. You do not need to make every snapshot completely different, but a little variety can create a miracle.

Come to the shooting object

When you want to see something close-up, it is rather tempting to reach the zoom button of your camera. But it may be accompanied by problems. Most smartphones offer only digital zoom that can worsen the quality of your image. In addition, the more you increase, the higher the likelihood that the video will become sharp, even if you use stabilization.

So what should I do if you want to get closer to the object? Stop shooting, go closer to the object and start shooting again. Just!

Use effects (but do not abuse them)

Video effects are equivalent to photofox. They look great with proper use, but you can easily rearrange. However, most cameras and smartphones offer several options that can add a highlight to your video.


in iPhone is an excellent Timelapse function built into the default camera application, but applications such as LAPSE IT, allow you to imitate this effect on Android.

Timelapse works perfectly if you can consolidate the camera over the ever-changing area for a long time, for example, on top of the bridge to capture the sunset.

Slow Motion

Slow shooting can add video of drama or disclose some details that are usually lost when viewing. However, do not overdo it. The video is usually reproduced at a speed of 30 frames per second, so the clip, filmed at a speed of 120 frames per second, will last four times longer.


Sinegraf is something average between video and photography - most of the image remains stationary, except one or two moving parts.

https: // www. Instagram.com / p / bukd6xzadti /? Utm_source = ig_embed

Many smartphone cameras offer this feature, or you can download the application, such as CinemaGraph Pro on iOS or Vimage on Android to try it yourself. The effect can be very impressive.

Examine the base of installation

Serious video Installation goes beyond this article, but some basic knowledge can help make your Rollers are more professional.

Basic tools allow not only to remove unnecessary parts from video clips, but also to combine multiple clips and photos, add a soundtrack, video filters and create mini movies that should be shared.

The simple circumcision of the beginning and end of the video often significantly improves it, as it will divide the longer clip on a slightly shorter and removes too much. This is especially important for what you want to share on the Internet.

It is even better to make several separate rollers, and not to remove everything at a time. Duration from 5 to 10 seconds is sufficient, and when you finish, connect a few pieces in an editing application.

Sculpture with editing

Not everyone has patience and ability to carefully edit several clips. Fortunately, there are free applications that make it for you. Applications like Google Photos and Quik from GoPro (available for Android and iOS) are excellent.

All you need to do is choose the necessary media files, choose one of the free background tracks and add the topic. Then both applications sew video together to create an installation, saving your precious time and make you look like a professional.


Make a professional video at home is not difficult. None of these tips requires large technical abilities, and, having trained a little, you will shoot stunning videos in the shortest possible time.

But what to do next? Well, first, remember that the sound is an equally important part of the process, as well as find out what types of video on YouTube are the most popular to develop your abilities.