10 best goods February sales Gearbest

Chinese online store offers not only smartphones and tablets. This time a selection of gadgets and other interesting products that you can buy in February.

GearBest lowered the prices of many products. Smartphones, tablets, radio-controlled toys and many other things have become cheaper.

JMGO M6 Portable Projector

This device is described in a separate note. It’s not a sin to repeat, because such a projector is quite capable of replacing an LCD TV. At the same time, the device is portable, allowing you to take yourself somewhere to the country.

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Smart TV box Alfawise Z28 Pro

This device makes absolutely any TV or even a monitor “smart”. The functionality of the gadget is provided by Android 7.1. Additional devices can be easily connected to the set-top box - for this, USB connectors are placed on the case.

Before buying, pay attention to the versions of the set-top box offered by the seller - they differ not only in memory capacity, but also in built-in wireless modules, as well as LAN port bandwidth.

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Utorch Nightlight

A cute trinket that would make the perfect gift. This night light looks like a cat, but the lamp can be painted in one of seven colors. The product is connected to the mains via a micro-USB connector. Autonomous operation is also possible - the built-in battery provides up to 15 hours of illumination.

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RC car

This monster truck has big wheels and a pretty good electric motor. The plastic body is painted either red or green. The maximum machine is capable of accelerating up to 38 km / h. The toy should be controlled using the remote control remote control, the signal from which is transmitted at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. The machine is able to drive continuously for about ten minutes.

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Qi Wireless Charging

An increasing number of smartphones are receiving support for wireless charging Qi. So why not get an appropriate charger? As part of the sale, you can purchase such an accessory for very little money. At the same time, the device will delight with its original appearance - the product is round, and most of the body is made of transparent glass.

Charger is suitable for iPhone 8/8 PLUS / X, Samsung Galaxy S8 / Note 8 and other smartphones with Qi technology support.

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This light bulb imitating flame burning cannot be called non-original. Please note that the accessory is designed not so much to illuminate how much to decorate the room.

This version of the bulb is intended for cartridges with the COCOL E26 and E27.

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Electric Toothbrush OCLEAN SE

Easy, but reliable electric toothbrush. The teeth cleaning is ensured not only through the use of bristles, but also with ultrasound. The device offers 12 individual programs, the choice of which is carried out in a mobile application ( Synchronization with a smartphone is carried out via Bluetooth).

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Brush for cleaning windows ALFAWISE S60

The most advanced robot brush serving to clean the windows. The product can automatically determine window frames and other obstacles, building the optimal cleaning route. On the glass, the device holds with a vacuum engine. At the same time, the device does not fall even after the charge of the battery comes to an end. The Bluetooth module present here allows you to synchronize with a smartphone, thus tuing the brush operation.

Please note that the brush is designed for glass, the thickness of which is at least 6 mm.

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MINI TV Handheld Retro 620


This Gaming console is a cheaper analogue of NES Classic mini. The same body, the same gamepads (which, by the word, two), is the same easy connection to the TV... in the console, 620 classic games are injected into the console, so the search for rums on the expanses of the global web will not need.

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Set of screwdrivers AC - 8

A great gift for those who have accumulated a large number of faulty electronic devices for the time of winter. The composition of this kit includes rubberized handles, 38 bits and metal tongs. With this kit, you can unscrew any screw or bolt, starting the repair, say, mobile phone or tablet. Also in the box you can detect a clip to extract the SIM card tray - a thing that after buying a smartphone is very quickly lost.

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